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Residency Ends on a High Note / Lucid upcoming May 31

Last night marked the end of our two month residency at Mona’s. Time spent there was quite good for growth of the Schwa and we are thankful for this opportunity. It has been a time filled with refining and deepening our understanding of the music we are presenting.

Alas we move on and this break allows us the time needed to begin working on a whole new slough of compositions that I have been crafting in my fortress the past few months. Before we ascend into the depths of the musical netherworld for a month we would like for you to join us on May 31 at Lucid Jazz Lounge. We have always had terrific shows at this venue and expect this evening to follow suit. Show begins at 9pm, no cover, and wicked space beats will confound your inner cranium. Facebook Event Listing

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