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Egans Feb 10 Seattle

A special show coming up for the Seattle residents. We have decided to unleash the Schwa on Ballard this coming Feb 10 at Egans Jam House. I am very excited to play this room as it will bring the correct energy for us to convey our message to the perfect number of ears. Expect us to unfurl a myriad of new sounds on your unsuspecting continuousness.

In other news we will be releasing two improvised pieces that were recorded back in November at Jack Straw studios. This particular session holds a wonderful energy as they were one takes on a clock. You can feel the intensity throughout and our decision to release was obvious once a few key decisions were made. Number one was that our good friend Robb Davidson needed to be involved and mix this record. We are very thankful to him and Nels Nelson Studios for being so kind in helping us make this a reality. I would love nothing more to drop this on vinyl so if anyone out there in the ethos has leeds or feels inclined to help us out with this endeavor we would be forever grateful.

Be well my friends and see you on Feb 10 at Egans!

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